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IIT faces faculty crunch, moots full-time foreign teachers

IITs have already requested the Human Resources Development(HRD) Ministry to enrol foreign students to the extent of 25 per cent of the total student strength."IITs are now being increasingly recognised internationally as attractive destination for students. This perceived superiority needs to be leveraged to the fullest extent as expeditiously as possibly," the officials said ... Read More

Mobile phones, Internet essential in building democracies

A wired society, the researchers found, is the common denominator in developing democracies, but cell phones and the Internet haven't, on their own, led to democracies.Rather, they have opened and broadened civil conversation."New information technologies do not topple dictators; they are used to catch dictators off guard," Howard said.In young democracies such as Turkey, Indonesia and Malaysia, the rapid spread of mobile phones and Internet connections has allowed citizens to challenge their governments. ... Read More

Space expo held in India's tech hub

The activity in two commercial satellite services-direct-to-home (DTH) television and Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment and chipsets is driving the growth of the space industry.India is ramping up its space capabilities to become a major global space power, moving from developing communications and remote sensing satellites to new frontiers like navigation.According to CII immediate past president Venu Srinivasan, the commercial space sector has experienced unprecedented growth over the past decade ... Read More

Synaptic Behaviour Captured By New Memristor Circuit Design

Since the 1970s, electronic engineers have known that there are four fundamental building blocks of electronic circuits: resistors, capacitors, inductors and memristors (essentially variable resistors with memory). Memristors, however, had an air of mythology about them until last year when a group of researchers at HP Labs in California announced they had discovered them for the first time. ... Read More

A New Way to Use the Sun's Energy

The device could be designed to send waste heat to a steam engine and convert 50 percent of the energy in sunlight into electricity--a huge improvement over conventional solar cells.The most common silicon solar cells convert about 15 percent of the energy in sunlight into electricity. More than half of the incoming solar energy is lost as heat. That's because the active materials in solar cells can interact with only a particular band of the solar spectrum; photons below a certain energy level simply heat up the cell. ... Read More

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