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Samsung to Use Windows on Its Tablets [REPORT]

The company is planning to make the announcement next week at a Microsoft developers conference in California, reports The Wall Street Journal. Samsung released its first tablet, the Galaxy Tab, in September 2010. Though the product had positive reviews when it launched, more than one in 10 purchasers returned the device within a month. Samsung remade the device as the Galaxy Tab 10.1. ... Read More

Hitachi says aims to double its revenues from India

It plans to open a new research and development center for information and telecommunication systems business in Bangalore by March 2012, it said.Since it began Indian business operations in the 1930s, Hitachi has been involved in a variety of business activities, including the manufacture and sales of air conditioning equipment and construction machinery.In 2010, it had established two joint venture companies with Indian power equipment maker BGR Energy to make thermal power plant equipment such as boilers and turbines ... Read More

Young, nearby supernova dazzles scientists

The blast hurls matter in all directions at nearly one-tenth the speed of light -- matter that ultimately will form the building blocks of other stars and planets.Such events, accounting for about one in five of all supernovae, are also used by scientists in measuring the expansion of the universe.Similar supernovae are known to have occurred in the Pinwheel Galaxy at least three times before -- in 1909, 1951 and 1970. But instruments available to observe this one are far more sophisticated, and its early detection is giving scientists an unprecedented glimpse of such phenomena. ... Read More

Frankfurt Book Fair launches training campaigns in India

Children in urban slums and villages are under spotlight.The campaign, which will fan out to smaller towns and cities, has been put together by the Frankfurt Book Fair and its partners, the German Federal Association of Literacy and Basic Education and the German Book Office with the support of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco). ... Read More

How should IT be developed in Africa

How should It be development in African countries and get that into a tool of economy so ad to eradicate poverty was much discussed topic in the conference by the delegates who came across the world. The prime minister of Mauritius Shri Navin Ram Gulam expressed his thanks to all delegates who participate in this conference. According to govt. officials of Mauritius that the government has established cyber city and ready to provide all necessary facilities to enhance the process of IT sectors. ... Read More

US ready to take lead in facing global challenges: Clinton

It can make it easier to identify common interests and convert them to common action. And it can help integrate emerging powers into an international community with clear obligations and expectations," she added."We have no illusions that these goals can be achieved overnight or that countries will suddenly cease to have divergent interests. We know that the test of our leadership is how we manage those differences and how we galvanize nations and peoples around their commonalities even when they do have diverse histories, unequal resources, and competing world-views. ... Read More

Thought activated computers planned

The computer uses a form of 20 questions to narrow down what the word is.''So a noun with a physical property such as spade, which you dig with, produces activity in the motor cortex of the brain, as this is the area that controls physical movements,' he said.'A food related word like apple, however, produces activity in those parts of the brain related to hunger. So the computer can infer attributes to each word being thought about and this lets the computer zero down on what the word is pretty quickly,' he said. ... Read More

Dealing with Unemployment

Spending more than 7 years in primary school, 4 years in secondary school and another 5 years in college and additional years for the masteral degree, this is how most common people undergo in order to have a good job and good life for the future. ... Read More

Event in madra

New even in madras to be conducted New even in madras to be conducted New even in madras to be conducted New even in madras to be conducted New even in madras to be conducted New even in madras to be conducted New even in madras to be conducted ... Read More

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