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Overseas Students in group. Overseas Students in group.

ICAL provides, an opportunity of Foreign Exchange Program (FAP) through students academicians their respective countries so that students and scholars of both countries exchange their views, reviews, practical aspects of contemporary computer technology.

Wings of enthused  inspiration for International Certification.
International Certification Australia Limited (ICAL) is one of the leading companies that provide international certification in various fields. ICAL offers international certification in computer education courses ranging from certificate to diploma level of international repute. Apart from this, ICAL offers performance grading certification with adopting basic standards of norms and caliber. ICAL is Sydney based Australian company that is working across the globe in offering various international certifications.

    Star grading certification is another feather on ICAL Cap's that offers quality and performance based certification in proficiency of institutes, organization and companies of any nation with conducting highly adopted Conformity Assessment Test (CAT) through standardized caliber of international repute in concerning sectors. ICAL offers, Managements courses of international repute that ranging from certificate to diploma level. For advanced courses in computer education and training, ICAL offers tailor-Made computer courses ranging from web technology to multimedia of international repute. To inspire global youth, ICAL motivate them international certificate at very competitive in providing low fee-structure in their own country. In global scenario, ICAL made its strong presence in galvanizing student of world through international certification.

Standards are a vehicle for the sharing of knowledge ,technology and good practices an essential component of the world wide industrial and post industrial infrastructure supporting economic activates, societal needs and more equitable opportunities in other words ,sustainable development.
The key role of standards has been implicitly recognized, since a long time, in the education programmers covering a broad variety of technical fields.
However, it is a more recent trend the increased awareness of educational institutions all over the world of the importance of standardization actives in a more general sense for  the contribution that they can give to trade of products and services to promoting good business practices and to fostering technological innovation
ICAL considers this trend of utmost importance and believes in the fundamental contribution that education institution can give on teaching what international standardization is and what can be achieved through it.
ICAL is keen to support these institution in their efforts and to encourage them to share their knowledge , experience and expertise .Also ,considering that education and research are often linked ,ICAL wishes to promote studies and surveys relating to the macro and micro economic benefits of standardization. 

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