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Collaboration- The strength of Being Together.....

At global scenario, Aiita plays vital role in collaborating with demonist players as International Informatics Mauritius Limited (IIML) world, International Certification of Australia Limited (ICAL) world IT Association and other to name a few.Aiita has been always active in sponsoring educational, Social, literacy, Science and Technology and Cultural events across global level. ... Read More

Black Arrow - A brand in managing conferences of global repute

Sarfraz Patel is currently the CEO of Blackarrow Conferences. In India , he has been involved in conference management from 2007 till date. Prior to ... Read More

Quantum- A leading Brand in Professional Training

Quantum offers High-end Technology Training programs for established Professional who wish to consolidate their skills in the dynamic IT scenario. These programs develop professionals with cutting-edge knowledge on state-of-the-art Java, .Net, database and networking platforms. These also include areas as wide as leadership skills, Cross Culture Trainings and more. ... Read More

ALMA : Pioneering in Computer Literacy

In the panorama of IT Education and especially job-oriented computer education, Alma is one of the well established companies and organizations that carved the niche along with its expertise in the short span of a decade. To promote the cause of computer literacy and vocational computer education, Alma made its strong presence to offer various short and long terms certification of diploma courses to inspire the youth. Alma has been serving its philanthropic mission to computer literate across the society and contributes its impact in national progress and prosperity. ... Read More

A Journey of Collaborative Efforts...

Collaboration in Education- two or more co-equal individual voluntarily brings their knowledge and experience together by interacting toward a common goal in the best interest of students for the betterment of their education success. Students achieve team building and communication skills meeting many curricular standards. Students have the ability to practice real-world communication experiences. Students gain leadership through collaboration and empower peer to peer learning. ... Read More

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