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Franchise Model- Facts          


Study Centre opportunities let you go into business for yourself, but not by yourself and the business owner isn't out there alone. The benefit of franchising is that the Study Centre starts with a business model and established brand name to reap the fruit of success. Study Centre provides benefits for both seller and buyer.  Study Centre is the safety net that has fulfilled the Dreams of many. Anyone with basic business skills can buy a franchise, because at its core, franchising is following someone else's path to success. In a standalone business, the owner is self managed.  As a franchise owner, you can call the shots and enjoy an enviable level of autonomy and independence. At the same time, you can capitalize on a variety of Big-Business Advantages such as:

  • Higher Volume Bargaining Power                                                                                                                          
  • National Connections                                                                                                                                                          
  • Exceptional Training                                                                                                                                             
  • Professional Marketing Support    
  • Pre-Established Supply Lines


The initial Study Centre fee and ongoing registration fee allow franchisors to build their brand without compromising on quality. The Fees and Registration charges are used to fund operations at corporate headquarters, train and support franchisees, market and advertise the brand, improve the quality of goods or services, and build the brand in the marketplace.


A higher chance of success:


  • Study Centre v/s proprietorship                                             
  •  Study Centres, benefits include: a higher chance of success than in a sole proprietorship due to the following reasons
  •  Shorter Time to Opening                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Initial Training and Ongoing Support  
  • Lower Costs through Group Purchasing 
  • Use of an Established Business Model
  •  National and Regional Advertising Campaigns
  • Customer Lead Generation through Websites (primary leads) and Centralized Call Centres(secondary leads)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    A Network of Peers (Fellow Study Centres) to Provide Advice and Moral Support through a Company Intranet, Annual Conferences, and Franchisee Associations. Study Centre primary benefit is risk minimization. Starting a new business is risky. Most studies show that over 90 percent fail within three years. The primary reason that the failure rate is so high is because the owners have to go through the learning curve of operating that specific type business. Study Centre reduces that curve substantially. You have the chance to create financial security through the ownership of your own business, while eliminating the worries and pitfalls of going it alone. You have access to a full line of exclusive tools, procedures, equipment, and more.Finally, Study Centre has found a solid economic niche that caters to specialized needs.

Benefits of Becoming an Aiita Study Centre
Welcome to Aiita Family, the pioneer in IT Education & Training Being a part of, the pioneer in IT Education & Training and India’s largest Computer Education Network itself is a major advantage for the Study Centre to attain Head Start in Business and make Profits. Aiita provides business owners with instant Brand recognition. Usually it takes years for startup businesses to establish their brand in the marketplace, and even then there is no guarantee that consumers will recognize them as a leader in their industry.Aiita Management is always open to suggestions for change (as well as local or regional variations) from their Study Centres network. Aiita Centres can recommend addition of courses, if appropriate Aiita will approve Innovative Courses to benefit the Centres and students. Time Tested- A Proven Business Strategy A big benefit of Study Centre is that Aiita offer business owners a proven business strategy, while many new businesses struggle to develop a viable and profitable business plan. Aiita Study Centres have already demonstrated that they are capable of making substantial profits time and time again."Follow the system" is a mantra in Study Centre and critical to a Study Centre's success. Study Centres adopt the Aiita Operating System and follow it religiously to attain success and make profits. Aiita Study Centres by virtue are attached to and resembled with Brand Aiita. Study Centres often experience exponential growth with the Brand recognition as the Study Centre grows and expands.Study Centre sell a defined, proven business format or method of operation, offering a product or service that has sold successfully. An independent business is based on both an untried idea and operation.
Benefits - Aiita Study Centre
1) Advertisement & Marketing Support >
A separate cell is established at Aiita HO to Co-ordinate & integrates Advertisements & Marketing on regular basis in leading Print media/Electronic media / Banners/ Brochures/ Pamphlets, Posters/Canopy etc. besides, supply of Display Boards, Banners, Posters and other publicity materials at economical price from Aiita- Administration Office. Customized marketing assistance: From day one, you’ll have a variety of professionally designed items to help introduce your business and give it rapid visibility. These materials include eye-catching sales promotional material and stationery. Franchisee Kit: The Study Centre Kit consisting of standard start-up materials & Promotional tools shall be supplied free of cost one time and later at economical rates. Special Budget: Special Budget is allotted to Franchisee for Local sales promotion/ advertisement & publicity for the centre as per mutual arrangement.Schemes in Association with Leading Players in the Industries: Aiita is known for launching schemes/offers throughout the year which will attract and increase intake of students for the courses to benefit the centres. Some of the associations are with leading players in the industries. Our associates’ extent more new avenues with umpteen opportunities to excel in the market and be part of the wining team.Annual Conference: Smart business owners never stop learning, which is why Aiita began holding and informative annual conferences. Although it is expensive and time consuming, we can promise you a productive experience that will include the chance to fine-tune your marketing and operational skills, learn from other successful franchisees, and meet and interface with key vendors. The experience of the franchiser's management team increases the potential for success. This experience is often conveyed through formal instruction and on-the-job training.

2) Technical Support & Assistance >Training Programs & Employee Policies:Yet another benefit of Study Centres is that the Aiita usually provide employee training programs for their Study Centres. These training programs equip employees (and franchise owners) to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. This is especially important if the concept is complex. The best training combines classroom or one-on-one training at the Study Centre's facility with field training at the Study Centre's place of business.Faculty Training:The Company is backed by a sound Technical Team in supporting and assisting the Study Centres for solving Hardware & Software related issues.The faculties are trained to handle Theory and Lab Sessions for Basic and Advanced Courses. The training is provided periodically in sizable groups by Aiita- Education Team on mutual arrangement.  
Latest Courses:The launching of latest/update/ innovative courses and computer topics will be managed by the Aiita HO- Academic-Head, according to the latest trends in IT industry and feedback from Aiita authorized franchisee Centres/associates. Aiita Management is always open to suggestions for change (as well as local or regional variations) from their Study Centres network. Aiita Centres can recommend addition of extra courses/tailor made, if found appropriate, Aiita will approve the Courses to benefit the Centres and students.Ongoing strategic advice and education:  We know that market leadership means staying ahead of the latest trends and developments. We’ll help you do that via periodic updates to your operating manual and through periodic bulletins and newsletters that share everything from marketing tips to new operating techniques.
Course Materials:High Quality course materials designed and prepared by Aiita Publication, will be supplied to the Study Centres at a nominal cost for the registered students with Aiita. Courseware is made available in Hard/Soft form to the students.
3) Placement Cell >Collective database of Aiita students will be stored at the Administrative Office, for placing our students at various IT firms across the country & internationally. The company has tie-ups & linkages with leading players in the concerned fields. To be more specific, recently Aiita has launched its own job portal; all authorized centres shall register the pass out/deserving students at www.Aiitajobs.com for placement procedure at no extra cost 
4) Examination and Certification >Examination and Certification shall be organized by Aiita in coordination with the concerned Study Centre Centre Head, after the completion of the course (as per Aiita prescribed syllabus) in the stipulated duration at the centre. The authorized Centre- head would take required tests and final examination and send the Statement Sheet (down-loaded from the www.Aiita.in or www.Aiita.org.in) duly filled-in, along with the answer sheets duly checked, to the Aiita H.O.  The Centre Head shall submit the statement sheet, down-loaded from the www.Aiita.in or www.Aiita.org.in, duly filled-in mentioning all the particulars and  signed by the centre head with the rubber-stamp of the centre concerned. Consequently, the Aiita H.O. will issue the required Certificate, Diploma, Master Diploma & PG Diploma and Mark-Sheet within a period of one month from the date of receipt of the details. Examinations and Certification of the students will be controlled by the Administrative Office- Aiita HO- India. Examinations and Certification of the students will be controlled by the Administrative Office- Aiita HO- India.5) Pre-Established Supply Lines >Establishing dependable relationships with suppliers is another challenge new business owners often face. A lack of adequate supplies can cripple your operation's ability to do business, killing any chance your business has to succeed. Not only Aiita has pre-established relationships with suppliers, but also sell supplies directly to their Study Centre.6) A Built-In Support System >Finally, Aiita provides new business owners with a built-in support system – a safety net to assist them in building a business they can be proud of. This is a particularly important benefit for business owners who have little or no experience in business ownership or business owners who have limited experience in their industry. Before you decide on a specific Study Centre, talk with the Study Centre representative about how much support you can expect to receive after you start doing business. In most cases you'll find that the Aiita will be willing to help you as much as we are able, every step of the way. Aiita helps Study Centres develop a business plan. Many elements of the plan are standard operating procedures established by Aiita. The most difficult part of a new business is its start-up, since even experienced managers lack the knowledge to set up a new business.7) Charted Services with Mutual Consent >Five days of training at our corporate headquarters in India, where you’ll learn the ins and outs of the business & outdoor advertising industry. Our instructors will coach you on every aspect of running a successful business from financial management and marketing to sales and information technology. Just as important, they’ll teach you how to find and coordinate the services your clients need, including outdoor advertising design, pricing and production. Airfare, lodging, ground transportation and lunches are included.An in-territory “product launch” Once you have completed training, a field specialist will come to you market and assist you with new business development and marketing your services. In addition, the Study Centre can provide advice about how to develop effective marketing programs for a local area through a cooperative marketing fund, to which the franchisees contribute a percentage of their gross income.And Above ALL- No Royalty Concept  Honorable Membership-AIITA-All India IT Association Be a Press Journalist for Aiita Times- The National News Paper.           Aiita essentially offers the best of both worlds, because you can enjoy the autonomy of being an independent franchisee while also being part of an organization that offers a Built-In Support System and web site. Any assistance you need will never be far away.OVERVIEW Know your - AiitaA heritage of over 10 years in the services, starting from 1999, Aiita is one among the pioneers in this field with over 0.7 millions satisfied students & over one thousand IT Learning Centres to its credits. Our customers' experience is through our people and their performance, which result in an outstanding track record of success. These are the achievements that influence customers to trust us. The relationships which cause our customers to return to us year after year are built by our people.Aiita is one of the leading brands in the computer education sector, and holds national and international status. Aiita members are proud of a decade legacy in providing quality education and training in computer technology and advanced IT courses. Aiita offers many tailor made computer courses that are part of International Certification from Mauritius and Australia. It also has ISO and ICAL certifications for providing quality services to the user. Aiita operates through multi-locations offices in India and international offices across the world.Aiita has emerged as one of the best source of technical education in India in just ten years. The institute provides a rigorous, intellectually challenging curriculum with flexibility to allow students to tailor their education to meet their professional and personal interests and goals. It provides a collaborative learning environment that weaves technology and management into everyday life. Addition to that Aiita serves specialized courses in UG & PG of reputed universities and international certificate in IT & Management to the deserving scholars. Aiita is known for philanthropic approach among youth, offering them all computer courses in nominal fee-structure. It provides a collaborative learning environment that weaves technology and management into everyday life. Addition to that Aiita serves specialized courses in UG & PG of reputed universities and international certificate in IT & Management to the deserving scholars. Our innovative academic programs incorporate a tradition of academic excellence and experimental learning with an emphasis on team-work. The institute’s environment instills the skills needed to succeed in a competitive global environment. We imbibe capabilities of working in diversified fields with creativity, imagination and perseverance in our students. We actively explore and develop new methodologies such as alternative teaching techniques and learning approaches that promote thinking skills and lifelong learning habits.

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