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Aims and Objectives of aiita

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1. To unite computer centers and IT professionals, to protect their interests and to fight for their legitimate rights. General extension of computer literacy and computer education. Minimum affordable fee for computer higher education. To organize syllabuses on the subject of Information Technology, campus seminars of experts, job-oriented best and quality computer education.

  • To provide a forum and facilities for the exchange of information and experience.
  • To promote development of IT enable services.
  • To promote, encourage and take part in survey and research studies in the IT field.
  • To cooperate and collaborate with other institutions having similar objectives.

 2. To function as a representative union for all the computer centers, IT professionals, IT enable service provider companies and individuals, freelancers of IT Software and service industry, IT Enabled/BPO services and students to solve their problems and to struggle for their bonafide rights and problems as a platform at national level keeping in view all the legal aspects irrespective of any brand with proper knowledge of existing laws.

  • To maintain close interaction with the Government of India and embassies in foreign countries in formulating National IT policies with specific focus on IT software and services
  • Encourage members to provide world-class quality products, services and solutions in India and overseas and help build brand equity for the Indian IT software and services industry.
  • To extemd co-operation in taking effective steps to campaign against software piracy.
  • To provide an ideal forum for overseas and domestic companies to explore the vast potential available for Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances, Marketing Alliances, Joint Product Development, etc., by organising Business Meets with delegations of various countries in near future.

3. To actively participate in various programmes, policies and projects of the central and state governments as a representative.

4. All matters of interest to the IT industry and the IT profession are discussed in regular forums held at the event of 'Members Meet' annually.

5. AACCIP also has students' branches established through out the country. AACCIP members are committed to the advancement of Computer Engineering, Information Processing, Technology System and related Arts, Science and technologies.

6. To make publicity of the IT policy and agendas of the government and to spread over the computer literacy through out the country in urban and rural areas and to make all efforts, partnership and extend co-operation in order to reach the IT policy to the public in general

7. Social Activities: To organize experts' seminars from time to time.

8. 'World Computer Literacy Day - 2nd December': To organize IT awareness programmes on every 2nd December - World Computer Literacy Day. To organize IT Fair, events etc. from time to time with the support of the Department of Information Technology. To organize periodic conferences, seminars and workshops at regional and divisional levels through out the country.

9. Efforts to increase opportunities of employment: To make all possible efforts to increase opportunities of employment. For this to tie-up companies. To organize recruitment camps with the help of the IT companies.

10. To make struggle for the problems of centers/IT professionals from India etc. working within and outside of India and to extend all kind of help and possible co-operation..

11. To promote the energy conservation and its publicity for progress. Development feelings of patriotism, welfare of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. Educational expansion. Women emancipation and empowerment, child development and literacy. To emancipate the women from the traditional political, legal and social restrictions, bindings and obstacles and Child Welfare.

12. To promulgate religion and culture of India throughout the world. To create cautions compassionate feelings of all religious recognitions pervade. To promote social work with love and fraternity. To promote the development of fraternity collectively.

13. To organize the campus for eye-donation, blood-donation, eye-operation etc. To organize natural and alternative therapeutic camps in urban and rural areas. Upliftment of poor in rural areas. To work for the protection of antique wealth e.g. The Taj Mahal, The Kutubminar etc.

14. To work for public welfare on international stratum. To promote Computer Education, Ayurveda, Astrology, Astronomy, Cultural and moral education, Sanskrit, Yoga and Dhyana etc. in India and world as a whole. Well planned movement for Ayurveda, Astrology and Yoga. Agricultural production, research and development. Co-operation and co-ordination with national organizations. Awareness of government policies among people. To facilitate to the function of the Government and the Administration. To work for the public interest being dedicated to the humanity.

15. To welcome the progress of small scale industry and Kutir industry. To awaken the people regarding the horrors of AIDS and to make them aware of its prevention. To respect views and verdicts of mighty minds for the endowed with compassion and sympathy for the meek and weak.

16. To establish and run orphans and old age homes in the country. To provide free computer education to the handicapped and disabled students. To work for Environment Safety and to make all efforts in this direction. Environment Safety. To distribute the national awards to the talented students in every field.

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